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Thread: Amateur radar?
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A small commercial marine radar that runs off 13.6vdc may only use 40watts
average power, but the peak pulsed power from the magnetron is huge.  Alot
of the newer units have TX up and the majority of the circuitry is on the
mast.  Military radars are classified as surface search and air search.
Taking a marine band surface search radar and using it to find airplanes
just doesn't work out all that well.  You would need an antenna designed for
the job, for example an "orange peel" antenna.  All I can say is that it
would be a monumental project.  The performance of the system would be no
easy task and I'd not sell it to anyone as I'd be afraid of someone running
into another plane under IFR conditions and then sueing you for any money
you previously made and may make in the future.  There must be some catch,
otherwise Furuno would be making them.
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