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Thread: Underwater robots
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Hi Roman,
   Here is the url for the stuff:  http://alim.com/commerc/gelstar.htm
they claim it outperforms petroleum based greases.  It is also available in
grease gun cartridges if you don't need it in 1 or 5 gallons.  What I meant
by "food service" is that you don't want any "moly" grease in let's say a
food packing plant machinery or Pizza Hut dough mixer because inevitably it
will leak out into the food.  I'm surprised the environmentalists have not
mandated this stuff in boat trailers/marine equipment.  Personally, I'd
recommend building your own mini-sub motor.  Did you see the info. I
included in the previous emails for the wind turbine stuff?  I'm a wind
turbine nut and have compiled a few books on making my own turbine.  If
you're interested, I could drop you my idea on what  would be  too cool for
building one of these.  I'm uncertain what size vehicle you are building or
it's charecteristics (speed/maneuverability) but you'd certainly get better
performance by alot of attention to detail on the piece/parts/construction
of the motor, prop, and shape of vehicle.  Check out the "Go-Devil" mud
motors.  The URL is http://www.godevil.com  They have some mpegs on the site
of the boats going through pure slop in the swamp with these engines. I get
a kick out of watching  them every time.  Are you looking for a really tiny
mini-sub?  If not, and looking for something cheap/off-the-shelf, why not
check out a trolling motor?  Possibly drilling and tapping a hole for a zirc
and then backfilling it with the dielectric grease would give you a greater
depth out of it (but probably lower performance)?  I have no idea of the
internal construction of  a trolling motor and still,  personally, would
want to build  my own for performance.
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