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Thread: Colour LCD screen
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Reason for mentioning the sync is that my experience is with monitors that
take both an external sync source or can use the sync riding on the green.
My recommendation is to connect the RGB first and see what happens, it can't
hurt.  As a matter of fact, I just installed one today by coincidence.  The
external sync jack was not used as there was a sync riding on the green
signal.  With the red or blue missing, color was off.  With the green
missing, display blanked out.  It will not hurt the display to incorrectly
connect the video signals, they will just look funny or not have a display.
On the particular RGB display I replaced today, there was a start up menu
allowing input for an analog, a digital, and a composite input.  Also, there
was a high impedance/75 ohm switch on the back.  The high impedance is used
with applications of video loop-thru to another monitor, and the 75ohm used
when it was the termination.  This was a large mil-spec AMLCD display that I
just described to you.  If you have a small low-cost unit designed for use
with a hand held TV, I would first look for a handheld TV that has a
similiar display.  I'd then look to see if an external video source from a
VCR can be connected to it just to satisfy my curiosity.  Maybe there is a
MIL-STD regarding the LCD display inputs as they all seem to be going that
way now.  The military standards are available on the internet.
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