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Thread: looking for suggestions for communicating interface details
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I would like to communicate some information to a vendor that is
building a test bench that will interface directly to the pic on our
product.  This information will consist of, for example, pieces of a
schematic showing how our pic interfaces to a connector, how the circuit
on their side should look, the exact configuration of the interconnect
cable, square wave timing diagrams, etc., all along with text for
explaining the whole mess.  As with everything, I would like to do this
rapidly!  It seems it would be fastest to just write/draw it by hand,
but I would like to e-mail this information (I'm actually considering
doing it by hand and taking a picture of it).
None of the software packages we have here (Word, Excel, Visio) seem
particularly well suited to this task.  I don't do the schematics around
here, but I'm also considering asking the person that does to draw this
up.  Any suggestions?  Would any of the schematic/cad packages that were
discussed not too long ago work very well for this?  I've never used any
of them, but I could pick one up quickly.
Thanks for any input.

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