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Thread: Timer1 as Async Counter
face BY : Mike Trujillo email (remove spam text)

I am having trouble getting timer1 to act as an asynchronous counter. I am
using a PIC16F628 and according to the microchip spec, I should be able to
use pin RB7/T1OSI as an input pin for the counter. The pin is receiving a
square wave signal between 13Khz and 15Khz of 0V to 5V.

My dev settings are T1CON = 0x0F == Prescale 1:1, T1OSCEN = 1, T1SYNC = 1,

The problem is that it doesn't load/increment the TMR1L(H) registers. I have
already tried changing prescale, t1oscen and t1sync to no avail.

Is there something I'm missing in the config/spec? Or is this not a possible
use of the timer? Solutions or suggestions requested.

- Mike

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