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Thread: global problems
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In regards to 10,12, 16 people families, there is an interesting link
regarding Darwinian theory on the Cal Tech website and survival of the
quickest reproducing species vs. the quickest to adapt. The global problems
are big, that is for sure.  They say 50yrs (or less) for the crude oil with
yearly consumption around 24billion barrels and annual increases of 3%
(every year there are less water buffalos out there plowing rice fields)
population doubling in less than 50 years and predicted max of 12 to 16
billion, no more. I seem to remember current population at 6 billion or so.
Sustainable populations have many variables such as natural resources. Those
episodes of Star Trek with all diseases cured turned out to be rubbish, just
like the mathemitician who was pushing the chaos theory in the book Jurassic
Park would have said. All of these variables are extremely complicated to
talk about in 1 paragraph anyways.  There will most definitely be a shift in
life styles at the very least...but there is nothing new about that as
lifestyles have been dramatically shifting in less than a lifetime for some
time now.  It really gets down to responsible living.  There will always be
responsible people interlaced with people who have lived or are living
irresponsibly and making irresponsible/ignorant decisions.  The true unsung
heroes are the ones behind the 80% decrease in the cost of wind generated
electricity in the last decade, fuel cells, advanced recycling processes,
etc.  The one really good thing Jimmy Carter did with his push for
incentives on alternative energy.  Check out a website http://www.homepower.com the
periodical is free viewing with adobe acrobat and they have archived
articles.  Then there is the religious aspect.  It's all planned out anyways
isn't it?  but that is no excuse for not taking care of your children and
their future children.  No-one knows for sure how much longer we will be
having to habitate the planet, so it's wise to not forget that.  They found
that most people  are  willing to pay  extra money  for a mix of green and
traditional electricity.  I'm quite shocked that as a voter, I cannot really
go out to a poll and make the a difference by voting for more tax dollars to
be spent on energy issues.   If government was to spend more time educating
people on these issues, the result would most likely be some responsible
political action in the  polls.  Almost like they are counting on it being
solved in the future and they think it's better to not get too many people
riled up about it. As for all the problems in the middle east, they would
have not even begun if we hadn't given them so much of our money in the
first place for precious oil so they can spend it on weapons to get back at
their enemies and oil consuming countries selling weapons to them to
maintain "stability".
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