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Thread: Promate II adapters
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> We have tried programming some 'F874s in our adapter (plugged into
> microchips dip adapter) with no success - the error message is "Code
> Partially Protected".

- I learned from this list a while back that RB3 needs to be grounded
 when programming the F87x's via ICSP.  However, I've never had a
 problem programming the dip's directly in the AC164012 adapter.
 Perhaps the extra adapter you are using is enough of a difference
 that you will need to ground RB3 in this setup also.  Can't hurt to
- I've never gotten a "partially" protected error, but have gotten
 false "device code protected" errors.  It is almost always because
 of a bad connection somewhere - typically RB6 or RB7 are not
 actually connected.  As an illustration, if you do a chip read with
 the promate with nothing actually in the socket, the error you will
 get is a code protect error.

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