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Thread: PCB Board houses
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>         The price for PCBs will be about the same for single
> or doubled
> layered.  The reason is that it takes about the same amount
> of time to make
> a single sided board as it does to make a double sided board.
>  Some times a
> single sided board is more expensive because copper clad
> board has copper on
> both sides already which means that the board huse has to
> remove all of the
> copper on one side, this can take a long time.

Really?   This doesnt quite have the "ring of truth" to it.
I mean.... the entire plated thru process is skipped.
And I gotta beleive that single sided stock is cheaper
than double sided stock.

And as far as longer etching time for double sided stock....
I dont beleive it.

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