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Thread: Looking for programming header pinouts for Microchip PICs and Ub
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ng> I have a design that incorperates a PIC microcontroller and
ng> a Ubicom (Scenix) SX series Microcontroller.
ng> For the SX, the programming interface consists of the 2 OSC pins and =
ng> GND.

VDD also is necessary for the SX programmer/ICE.

ng> For production purposes, I would like to use the standard pin-out
ng> scheme and header type (if a standard actually exists) that works
ng> with most common programmers for these devices.

All known for me SX development tools can be used with this header:

Some tools use only 4-pin header, some use 6-pin with pin 5 deleted (as a key
to prevent wrong connection).


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/ubicom/devprogs.htm?key=sx
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