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Thread: whining about the 16F877 code protection
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Also sorry to add a post to this topic, but I've gotten confused.

If I am NOT using a bootloader, but do have a board set up for ICSP, do
I still have a protectable, flashable setup as I think I do?  In all of
the discussion, the distinction between bootloaders and ICSP has gotten
blurred in my mind.
Programming environment is a promate attached via cable to target board;
target board is complete, including F87x; has been designed to accomodate
ICSP.  The first time I program, if I set code protect, as far as I know,
the chip cannot be read, but can be programmed again.  The programming
sequence for a code protected chip requires that the entire chip be
erased first, thus protecting the contents.
Is this all still true?

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Subject (change) whining about the 16F877 code protection

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