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Thread: "itoa" routines? (16F870)
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> ...I have an 8bit number, only ranging 99 >= N >= 0 so it will only
> be 2 digits.  I need to find a way to output it to my LCD...

Not sure this will help, but just in case...
pseudo-code for what you want to do:

   lcd_digit1 = a2d_result / 10
   lcd_digit2 = a2d_result - (lcd_digit1 * 10)

in you're working in C, this is trivial.
in asm, multiply by 10 is simple (x*8) + (x*2), but divide by 10 is not so
There is a lot of stuff in the source code section of piclist.com for
basic multiplying and dividing, and (under conversions) all kinds of clever
stuff for converting binary to decimal, which is really what you want to
do.  If you're not familiar with this type of stuff, 'BCD' means binary
coded decimal, and just means each byte of the result contains a digit of
the input number.
For example, if the input is one byte, say B9h (185 decimal), the output
bytes will be 01, 08, 05.  'BCD packed' just means each digit is stored
in a nibble, so there are two digits per byte (because the range for the
digits is 0-9, and a nibble - 4 bits - can hold 0-15).  You can grab the
digit in the upper nibble via 'swapf' or dividing by 16.

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