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Thread: CCS C Example
face BY : Mike Mansheim email (remove spam text)

> Could somebody send me an example of a (simple)working CCS C source
> program for a F84 (RS232 maybe)...
> ...but can't seem to get anything working with CCS C.

Well, I've got lots of working CCS C programs, but none for the F84 or
with RS232.  You're welcome to send me (direct) what you've got that
isn't working, and I can tell you if it's something obvious.
Also, is it a problem with the development environment, or getting the
program to compile, or getting a compiled program to run properly,
or ???
Let me know if you would like to see something more complex, but
here's a real simple program that will blink an led attached to RC7,
for a chip (16F876) and crystal (10M) I've used:

5V --> led --> 750 ohm --> RC7

#case     // makes compiler case sensitive
#include "c:\picc\examples\16F876.h"

// set configuration bits:

#byte PORTA = 0x05
#byte PORTB = 0x06
#byte PORTC = 0x07

#bit LED = PORTC.7

void INITIALIZE(void);           // prototype

#use delay(clock = 10000000)     // 10M clock

void main(void)

       if (LED) LED = 0;
       else     LED = 1;

void INITIALIZE(void)
   // set RC7 as output (and high)
   // since rest are unknown, set as outputs (and low)

   PORTA = 0;

   PORTB = 0;

   PORTC = 0b10000000;       // init LED off

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