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Thread: PCB Board houses
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>    Huges Electronic Products in Livonia Michigan (1-734-427-8310) will
>make very high quality boards in prototype quantities (i.e. two boards).
>They charge by the square inch not by the 8' x 4' sheet.  The smaller the
>board, the lower the price.  You can also save money by putting several
>boards into one gerber file and have them made as one board and then cut
>individually.  I have been having boards done by huges for the last four
>years and have never had a quality or price issue with them.  As an
>example I had 100,  3" square boards done and they costed $17.00 each.
>If you contact them talk to R.J.

Rough estimation shows that we do 100 pcs 3"x3" FR-4, 1.5 mm, 1/1oz copper,
double soldermask + component print for about $330 i.e. $3,3 /each
normal turnaround of 15 working days

PCB prototypes for $26 at http://run.to/pcb (http://www.olimex.com/pcb)

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