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Thread: Heads up! Lots of Virus incoming?
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James Newton. Admin 3 wrote:
> I've gotten 5 emails today all carrying a virus with .pif or .doc as the
> file name extension but that are actually executables. The emails all say
> something like "I send you this file in order to have your advice" except
> for one which appears to be a mail bounce notice
> > They have been posted by
> = hlfx27-1.ns.sympatico.ca
> = collak.profi.sk KILLspampostmasterspam_OUTspamspamBeGoneprofi.sk
> = customer-VER-208-19.megared.net.mx
> spamgrosado@spam@spamKILLspammegared.com.mx
> = elektron.elka.pw.edu.pl @spam@postmasterspamRemoveMEpw.edu.pl
> > Let me know if anyone else get these and NEVER open an attachment that you
> didn't expect to receive or that you don't know is not a program. PIF and
> DOC can be programs just as easily as EXE, COM, VVS.

More information on this one can be had at:
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