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Thread: How to reduce power consumption for battery operated circuits?
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The difference between the supplied voltage and the regulated voltage is
called the "head" voltage.  It will not necessarily be 2 watts regulator
dissipation for a head voltage of 2volts and drain of 1 watt.  It depends on
the type of regulator.  That is why switching power supplies have such high
efficiency.  I used some Maxim smart charging chips a few years back for
NiCad batteries.  They could withstand a large head voltage because they
were a switching device, similiar to a DC-DC converter.  I'm guessing the
78L05 is linear (they're pretty old and I'd have to look up the specs) and
cannot withstand a high head voltage.  There is certainly some more
efficient ways of doing it if efficiency is worth paying the extra money
for.  I used a very small DC-DC converter to field charge laptops off of
lithium batteries a couple of years ago and the price was not that high.

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Subject (change) How to reduce power consumption for battery operated circuits?

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