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Thread: USB Vendor Id
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>>Warning!!!  This is just a rumor but from what I have been told, USB is
>>DEAD!!  From what I have been told, the industry is pushing towards
>>Firewire instead so be careful about developing around USB.  If anyone
>>knows the REAL story, I would like to know also.
>        Dunno the REAL, but with firewire, what's the meaning of USB????
I read a story in an electronics paper today that one maker had
abandoned their USB2.0 controller chip in favour of Firewire.
Slow USB (1.<whateveritis>) is very well established, and I wouldn't
worry about it dying anytime soon. It's 'good enough'  for most of the
applications for which it was designed. IMO, the future of USB 2.0 is somewhat more uncertain though, as it
does seem to be competing more directly with Firewire/1394

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