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Thread: Need help with PID for motor control on a F877
face BY : Mike Mansheim email (remove spam text)

>> pid_calc:
>>   last_error = error

> This first step should go at the end, otherwise the DELTA_ERROR below
> will always be 0.

>>   error = target_rpm - measured_rpm
>>   sum_error = sum_error + error
>>   delta_error = error - last_error
>>   proportional_term = error * proportional_gain
>>   integral_term = sum_error * integral_gain
>>   derivative_term = delta_error * derivative_gain
>>   control_signal = proportional_term + integral_term + derivative_term

I should have been clear on scope:  either last_error or error will have
to be global or static; I assumed error would be global.  In that case,
I think the way I wrote it would work.  If that statement is at the end,
it requires that last_error survive until the next call.

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Subject (change) Need help with PID for motor control on a F877

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