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Thread: SMT toaster oven
face BY : Alexandre Guimar„esemail (remove spam text)

Hi, Everyone

> I've been talking with Alexandre G about this stuff and we have just
> designing a temperature controller to adapt a toaster oven to a completely
> controllable SMT oven :)
> The questions is: do we make the SMT oven controller all surface mount
> components :) Chicken and Egg, which came first :P

   My vote is to make it all SMT ! Let's let everybody have some fun with
small parts and tweezers and let's start to train them to make the necessary
rework task they will have once they have the oven working. :-)

   About the solder paste I prefer to use it with 2% silver because on may
capacitors the contact points have silver on them and it migrates to the
solder if you use plain tin/lead paste. At least that is what AVX and some
other capacitor manufacturers recommend. Try Kester, they are very reponsive
to costumers, at least here in Brazil. They send me samples and sold me
small quantities without any trouble at all.

   Remember always to store the paste in the refrigerator and take it out
at least one hour before using it. If you don't store it at the fridge it
will be bad really soon and if you do not let it warm to room temperature it
does not stick to the pads or to the components.

Best regards,
Alexandre Guimaraes

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