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Thread: SMT Toaster Oven
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Hy, Alexandre

   Yes we have solder paste down here in Brazil !! We even have a Kester
factory down here ! Anyone that needs it can send me a private mail and I
will grab the phone number. I use Kester R276 with 2% silver. Works

Best regards,
Alexandre Guimaraes

> >Hi Guys, we have successfully done a few boards
> >now with SMT PIC chips in a cheap toaster oven,
> >they are coming out quite good.
> >Just letting you know you can get a pretty good
> >result with a $35 US (second hand) toaster oven
> >and a stopwatch, and good solder paste of course.
> >Each run it seems to be getting a bit better.
>         It's really nice, so bad we CAN'T find the proper solder in paste
here in Brazil... :~(

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