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Thread: code protect issues
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>> first rom page not protected on 505
>Roman, this is a 'feature' partially shared with other popular micros. See
>the programming data sheet for your chip, it explains what is protected
>and what not. 12C508 also has a similar problem. I am completely stumped
>as to why they did this. To allow code-protected devices to be customised by further
programming of the unprotected area
>The reset vector readable ?
Why not - this is not an issue on the PIC, as even if you did manage
to insert your own code you could not extract information from the
protected area.
>All subroutines ?
Subroutines are the only way to do lookup tables in the low-end parts,
so yes, of course subroutines!
If you want to protect a subroutine,  just put a GOTO to the body of
your routine in page zero.

>Cool (NOT). Should have put the readable window at the top (last page) if
>at all imho.
Not as useful, as post-protection programming of lookup tables would
be tricky and inefficient to implement.

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