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At Light fair international, held in Las Vegas in May, our booth (Centralite
Systems, we make low voltage lighting control systems for luxury homes) was
next to an LED fixture company.  In their small incandescent replacement
LED's, they use the reactance of a capacitor in series with the 120 vac
input to drop the AC down to a level where they can power the LED's.  They
also I believe had some type of voltage regulator in the circuit.  They said
the problem is with heat dissipation from some types of LED's, such as the
blue LED's, as they consume more current.  The crowds were sure attracted to
the fixtures they were displaying.

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Harold M Hallikainen wrote:
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> been changed to LED. I kinda wonder what the electronics to run an LED on
> 120VAC looks like. I'd expect some sort of boost switcher acting as a
> constant current source into a bunch of LEDs in series. Not really very
> simple or cheap.  In an effort to save electricity, you certainly don't
> want to just use a big current limit resistor!
> Harold

The traffic light my friend Al Brown reverse engineered used a capacitor
to limit the current.

Roman Black was kind enough to put Al's schematic on his web page at:

-- Rich

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