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Thread: 12CE5xx & FL51XINC.ASM & Internal EEPROM
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This has come up before (with no real satifactory answer, unless I missed it).

Apparently this code FL51XINC.ASM doesnt work.  And code that DOES work
with a windowed part, WONT work with a OTP part.  I have no ICE to play with,
and was hoping to go right from the MATLAB (ver 5.31), to a windowed 12CE518
part, to a couple of OTP parts.   (Yes, I know that MATLAB doesnt support the
internal EEPROM; I'll work around that).

Does anybody have a "corrected" version????

Also, I notice that within FL51XINC.ASM, the TRIS instruction is used repeatedly.
Shouldnt a better way be to use a "shaddow" register to hold the value sent, so that
the configuration of GP0 thru GP5 doesnt get screwed up from the direction I want
them to be from my main program?

Sorry if these turn out to be dumb questions, as this is my first PIC project.

Mike Garber

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Subject (change) 12CE5xx & FL51XINC.ASM & Internal EEPROM

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