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Thread: 16CE67X help request
face BY : Montaigne, Mike - NRC email (remove spam text)

       I have some limited experience with the 16F84 but need to do a
project with the 12C67X chip and I am trying to find some simple examples of
code to help me get started.

       I have searched Microchip and the web and last years messages from
this news group but have not learned the secret of finding programs relating
to a specific processor line yet.  If anyone can help me get started, it
would be greatly appreciated.  I have started trying to write a program to
read pin 7 (A-D value between 0-5V) and output either the upper 4 or lower 4
bits on pins 2, 3, 5, & 6 using pin 4 as an upper/lower selection input.

       I thought this would give me a good start learning how to set up I/O
with the chip.  I'll worry about interrupts, timers, EPROM etc...... later.

tks in advance


Mike Montaigne
Neutron Program for Materials Research
Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences
National Research Council
c/o Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.
Station 18, Chalk River
Ontario, K0J 1J0, Canada
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