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Thread: : scrambled List delivery Help!!
face BY : miked@elkhart.net

Been this way for a month now.
> Sorry to post with [ADMIN] flag, which probably is a major faux pas, but I
> can't raise any help at the ListServer! Please email me directly, as I still
> receive the List in Digest form, but can no longer read it...

Below is what I found and a response;
> >  I think I found the problem. Blank lines in the digest have a leading
> > space for some reason(20 0D 0A). When these are around the boundary
> > separators, e-mail programs that are strict about RFC rules truncate.
> Uhh, that is strictly as per RFC. A newline alone on a line followed by a
> >From header in column 0 on the next line, with no column, is standard Unix
> mailbox file format, and that's what the RFC specifies. Putting a space on
> every blank line is the way they escape the following line to *prevent* it from
> being seen as a message header.

I see nothing here about that.

Removing the leading Space makes the messages visible as they were for
years now.

> > With Pegasus I can use properties to set the digest to 'not a valid MIME
> > message' and then see everything, but as one big message instead of separate
> > ones.
Pegasus is a stickler for following RFC rules.
> You are supposed to see one large message. I see one large message. I
> wrote a shell script to split it and re-inject it locally but I prefer the
> large message. A digest is a large message.
> Peter
If it is a Mutil Part MIME digest, which this list is(was) it opens to seperate

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