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Thread: NiMH batteries
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I have always understood 1/10C to be standard charge(at least for NiCd) for
10-16 Hrs., and trickle to be 1/50C which is usally safe to leave on all the
time. It just compensates for self discharge.
> > Hi Olin, we have always trickled charged our NiCds
> > at 10% C (constant current source).
> > Usually overnight, often for a couple of days
> > if we forget. We get excellent use from all our NiCd
> > powered test equipment, for many years. My personal
> > opinion is that this is the best charging method,
> > provided you don't need a quick charge. :o)
> On the other hand, I've seen other manufacturers explicitly state that
> trickle charging at .1C indefinitely causes no ill effects.  Perhaps there
> are slightly different chemistries.

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