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Thread: impact sensor /pressure to volatge converter
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> I'm building a device to count the frequency an object strikes on, or
> on, a surface. I need a sensor that will sense the mechanical impact or
> an instantaneous or prolonged pressure is applied on it. However, I want
> this sensor to work on its own without requiring any electrical power
> supply. Moreover, I want the sensor to give a voltage or current when it
> senses the event, the signal could just be instantaneous but must be
> enough to be used as an input to the i/o port of an ordinary
> Is this kind of "sensor", or more precisely, "pressure to volatge
> available?
Dynamic and steady load sensing with no power sensors are asking a bit much.
For Dynamic load sensing look at piezo-electric crystals i.e. the part of a
gas lighter that produces the spark. I cannot think of any means of
detecting the presence of a steady load which uses no electrical power. I
can only think of  purely mechanical ones i.e. a set of scales. You could
detect the presence of a steady load by inference - In other words we saw
the load rapidly applied, we did not see the load rapidly removed, therefore
the load must be present. However, if the load could be very slowly applied
or removed then a false condition would more than likely result.

Chris Carr

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