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Thread: Cellular Phone Interface
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For a project I am doing I would like to be able to use a cell phone and
connect the phone to a modem.  Preferrably the modem would be a serial port
type, but PCMCIA could be acceptable.  I've searched around and found one
PCMCIA modem that does this and interfaces to Motorola cell phones and
But I would like alternatives.

My questions are:

1) Does anyone know of a interface between a cell phone and a modem?
2) Are there modems available, specifically serial port ones, that are
3) If price is prohibative and I need to make my own interface, where can I
find data sheets or specs on cell phone pinouts and protocols. The design
would be based around a PIC.


I suspect that you have used the Search Engines looking for modems and drawn
a blank. In fact digital cell phones do not use a modem, the data stream is
fed directly into the digital stream on the cellphone network. Try looking
using keywords such as Nokia Motorola Data Interface, Data Cable Kit,
cellphone data protocols.

Incidentally the Nokia 9000 series of handsets (I believe the 9110 is the
current model) does not require a special interface as it accepts RS232.
Nokia supply a lot of development software for these machines.

Chris Carr

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