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Robert, it is "Implied License" not Copyright. The known purpose of a public
forum is to redistribute the posts to the public. There are no "PIClist
owners" other than Jory, the people who control the allocation of resources
of the machine mitvma.mit.edu, and the good members of the list. Why?
Because "he who can destroy a thing, owns a thing." If Jory says "no more
piclist" or MIT says "no more piclist" or the members stop posting or
unsubscribe enmass, then there is no more piclist. If anyone incurs a real
cost in the distribution of the list to the public, they have every right to
try to recoup that cost. Profit may be a more unjustified point, but I'm not
interested in that anyway, except possibly as a way to encourage authors to

For the 2,798th time. I'm NOT TRYING TO GET RICH OFF THE PICLIST. Why is
that so hard to believe?

It strikes me as a form of elitism that no one has a problem with people
reading the archive or site if they have internet access, but that those who
don't, or for whom it costs a great deal, or is very slow, publication in
other media is not allowed? The only difference is that other media cost
more up front. The one time cost of a big download, CD, or (worst case) a
book, is much more for the publisher (me) but it allows the user to avoid
the continuing cost of internet access over a period of time. The forum is
simply re-distributing the posts that were sent to it which is the ENTIRE
POINT OF HAVING A FORUM! That is where the legal "implied license" comes in.
I even volunteered to share any profits with major contributors. I don't
understand the objections.

P.S. Please change the topic tag when you change the topic.

James Newton, PICList Admin #3
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