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You want this "job" you can have it Bob. I'm sure you will do fine and show
a much more even and fair hand than I. But are you committed enough to the
list to do what it takes? Have you spent the time to build an FAQ? Setup and
Archive? Host it? Police the list? Bring constant unmarked Off Topics and
flame wars to almost a dead stop? I could sure use some help, are you

I don't know what Jack Boots are, but I have only been intolerant of
intolerance and I have been more lenient with people who have been valuable
(in terms of helping people) than I have with people how are infrequent or
unhelpful posters. Even very helpful members will get kicked off after I
give up on trying to get them to not be jerks on the list.

How in the heck did you get that I "own" the archive? I said it is in the
"PUBLIC domain" no one owns it. I've paid for the hard drive space and
internet access to host it. You wouldn't even have access to a complete
archive if I hadn't taken the time to build it up and make it available. How
can you be so ungrateful?

Who exactly have I been disrespectful to? And how? If you are going to
accuse me publicly, you should be able to present some evidence of my "wrong
doing" and if you want to smear my name in public I'd really appreciate some
precise examples of how I could have conducted myself better that I haven't
already admitted to. I'm not above admitting mistakes and I want to learn
how to do better.

At some point I DO intend to publish (at cost, not for profit) the contents
of the FAQ on a CD or zip for download and offline use.

It strikes me as a form of elitism that no one has a problem with people
reading the archive or site if they have internet access, but that those who
don't, or for whom it costs a great deal, or is very slow, publication in
other media is not allowed? The only difference is that other media cost
more up front. The one time cost of a big download, CD, or (worst case) a
book, is much more for the publisher (me) but it allows the user to avoid
the continuing cost of internet access over a period of time. The forum is
simply re-distributing the posts that were sent to it which is the ENTIRE
POINT OF HAVING A FORUM! That is where the legal "implied license" comes in.
I even volunteered to share any profits with major contributors. I don't
understand the objections.

James Newton, PICList Admin #3
1-619-652-0593 phone

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