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Roman, for the 2,745th<GRIN> time, that form only requires an email address.
You gave that when you joined this list. The rest is OPTIONAL. How can that
be objectionable?

As I have said many times now, I have no immediate plans to sell anything. I
just put a note in the form as a way of being up front and honest that I
might do something with the archive in the future. Believe me, I have been
asked many time to produce a CD for people who have poor internet
connections and I have not done so because A) I don't have time B) I didn't
want to get into this "Its ok for me to post to a public forum, but you
can't recoup your costs in distributing it" argument.

At some point I DO intend to publish (at cost, not for profit) the contents
of the FAQ on a CD or zip for download and offline use.

It strikes me as a form of elitism that no one has a problem with people
reading the archive or site if they have internet access, but that those who
don't, or for whom it costs a great deal, or is very slow, publication in
other media is not allowed? The only difference is that other media cost
more up front. The one time cost of a big download, CD, or (worst case) a
book, is much more for the publisher (me) but it allows the user to avoid
the continuing cost of internet access over a period of time. The forum is
simply re-distributing the posts that were sent to it which is the ENTIRE
POINT OF HAVING A FORUM! That is where the legal "implied license" comes in.
I even volunteered to share any profits with major contributors. I don't
understand the objections.

And I really don't understand how all this "crediting the authors" stuff is
coming up. Have I EVER not credited someone for having written something on
the site? And the archive, or course, automatically credits whoever posts.
And I try very hard to make sure that the credit includes a link to what
ever (email, website, phone number, etc...) they want. That's why the
membership form includes all these fields. If you want people to be able to
contact you, you have a homepage on the site that lists whatever you have
entered on the form. If you login and post to the site via the forms at the
bottom of the page, it automatically credits you and links to your page so
that if your email or phone or webaddress changes, you only have to change
it in one place. If you want to hide, your member ID is the only thing that
gets posted and only I know who posted what. And, damn it, I will not let
people post directly to the site without having some record of who posted
what and some way to lock out people who try to post "bad things" like porno
links, foul language, accusations against others, etc... This was supposed
to be a way for people to share, get credit and make contacts, friends, or
find work on the net in a technical forum.

Nik, for example, has received 2 solid job offers now as a result of his
piclist posts and people finding him from the site. <GRIN>Olin has received
any number of enquiries that he could have just quoted his consulting rate
in response to and quite possibly gotten some work out of</GRIN> I know I
have made quite a bit on consulting that I would not have made if I had not
been active on this list. Speff, Sam, and others I know have also managed to
turn list activity into paying jobs.

I sort of thought that having ones name and contact info (email, website,
etc...) out there in a positive light was a good thing. The site gets butt
loads of hits and people search for keywords all the time. If you have
posted knowledgably on a keyword, you can probably expect to be contacted at
some point and that is an opportunity for you to connect, get involved or
quote rates. Its "A Good Thing" No? I can't believe that all my work trying
to build a community could be thrown back in my face as being "invasive" or
"nosey" If you don't want to disclose more than your email address (to me,
its not even public like it is on the piclist mailing list) you can still
access the archives and post to the site. As the text on the form makes very
clear, the other fields are OPTIONAL. FOR YOU ONLY IF YOU WANT TO USE THEM.
How hard can that be to get across? How can anyone object? Please explain
how I am failing to communicate this.

The thing that really blows me away is that several manufacturers (mostly
small shops) have contacted me via email and complained that I haven't
listed them on the site! As though that was my duty or something.

So if I quote you on the FAQ site, I get people complaining about their
copyrights and my "profits" <HAH!> from selling their "trade secrets" that
they posted to a public forum with a well know FAQ site that is totally free
to access via the internet and if I don't take the time to list them they
complain that I haven't "done a good job of representing the available
resources" despite the fact that the forms on the bottom of every page allow
anyone to post what they want directly to the site.

Man, I sure hope that I'm responding to an uninformed minority of the
PICList members, because if this is a majority.... I must really be out of
touch and you should find someone to admin and promote the list who better
understands what you want.

Please let me know:
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