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Thread: software reset
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> One question only.
> Why do you need the software interrupt?
> I can't see a task, in which it's necessary.

Assuming the question is actually asking why a software "reset" might
be useful (I don't think "interrupt" was the intent):
My programs all end up divided into an init section, which is executed
once at boot, and the main running section, which is an endless loop, or
set of state machines, or whatever.
I have an application that reads several "calibration constants" from
eeprom as part of the init.  One of the things that can be done from
the main running section is a user can adjust some of these constants.
To have the changes take effect, it seemed cleaner in this case to
reset the processor, and have the init section execute again and read
the new values.
I used the watchdog to accomplish this, and it worked quite well.  If
you speed up the time-out, the re-boot can appear instantaneous.  I
also took advantage of the POR status bit to distinguish between a
watchdog reset and the initial power-up.

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