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Thread: Why cannot some of us play well with others... was [EE]: Avocet Assembler Manuals...
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When anyone has problems with another list member, they need to contact me
directly and NOT complain publicly on the list.

That applies to Olin, Douglas and everybody else.

I hadn't respond to that post yet because I hadn't had time to see it and
nobody bothered to forward it to me off-list to let me know what was going
on. Actually, that's not true, someone did send me a private bitch about
Olin's post (thank you) but they didn't forward the offending message so I
didn't realize what was up, and the list server has been having problems so
I didn't receive the original post until just about an hour ago.

If you have a problem, just forward the post to RemoveMEjamesnewton.....spampiclist.com, or
in most email clients, just click on
and yell at me about them. Believe me, when they seem to be a member that
will not respond to my off-list suggestions and warnings, I will drop the
problem child off the list no matter how smart, valuable, or generous they
are. It just takes me longer to give up on the really smart ones.

No further posts on this thread.


James Newton, PICList Admin #3
1-619-652-0593 phone

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Subject (change) Why cannot some of us play well with others... was [EE]: Avocet Assembler Manuals...

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