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Thread: Combining video signals
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>I would like to combine a video camera signal with my CATV so that I can
>veiw my camera on any TV in the house by selecting a channel, preferrably a
>channel from  77 to 99. Is there an RF modulator/signal injector product to
>do this, or any other way to do this?

You have spare RF Channels !!!!!

There is a black box available from CPC http://www.cpc.co.uk called the EZ
Wideband Modulator that does what you want. takes baseband video and audio
and puts it out on a TV Channel that is selected by a push button.
Presumably there is a version available at your location.

Look for a faulty Video Recorder with a Modulator that can be tuned across
the whole UHF TV Band. The synthesiser in these modulators tend to be
controlled by a serial interface such as  I2C so if you go down this path
you end up with a PIC project.


Chris Carr

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