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Thread: Atomic Clock Receiver
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I tracked down a company a few months ago that make 2 different chips for
receiving the atomic clock pulses.  I am sending this before I find them
again.  I sent an email to the site below requesting help.  The company that
makes the chips does not seem to be in any search engine on the internet.
The atomic clock manufacturers all use chips from this company.

Here is the government site for the atomic clock in Colorado.  The system
was upgraded a few years ago so that within 2000 mile of the site you can
receive the signals.  Germany has its own version, as does England and
Japan.  The data sheet shows the timing pulses for each country.  The data
sheet shows how to use a ferrite bead tuned to 60khz, the tranmission
frequency.  The chip decodes the signal to interface it into a

I was thinking that someone needs to design an atomic clock to RS-232 module
for the home automation industry.  I am in the lighting control industry and
most home automation systems have very poor accuracy with their internal
clocks.  This would be a great add on!  Well, there is an idea for someone
with more time on their hands than me!

Maybe someone out there can track down the manufacture. I am also going to
look for the data sheet they sent me!

Mike Reid


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