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Thread: MAX125 and 16F84
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Hi Folks,
I'm looking for a way to interface a MAX125 to a 16F84.
The MAX125 is a 14bit parallel 4 Channel Simultaneous Sampling
ADC with 5 control lines, making a total of 19 needed I/O pins
I also need RS232 Bi-Directional interfacw with a PC.
From reading the MAX125 datasheet the 14bit data from the first
channel is over written after each read by the next channels data,
so I need to capture all 14 bits at one gulp.
Im thinking in terms of 2 latching buffers under PIC control to
capture the Data and turn it into 2 off 8bit chunks of ADC. But I'm
not sure if I'm missing an obvious alternative, hense my request.
Any ideas appreciated.. Thanks Mike W

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