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Thread: Phase angle algorithm needed
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XOR 'em together Bob, then

the 1's represent when the two signals are different, and the 0's when they
are the same

Count the time that it's a 1
Count the time that it's a 0

the sum of the two times is the period......therefore gives frequency
the ratio of the two times gives phase angle 0 through 180 degrees

To get 180 to 360 degrees, you'll need to start counting it when say, A goes
up, and if B is already a 1, then B is leading A, so this is a minus lag if
you prefer. I would personally prefer to use a range -180 to +180, but

A hardware XOR would allow you to use the CCP peripheral to do some timing,
or do the XOR in s/w. At 120Hz, a degree is about 23 microseconds, so
there's a reasonable amount of time to play with.

does this help?

Regards, Kevin

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