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Thread: Programming 16C54's with the Pocket
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I forgot what the 16C54 required, not what the Pocket was capable of. Simple
human mistake.

Also, I sell the Pocket in the US at my cost. Any difference between costs
and what I sell it for are less than the time I've put in packaging and
shipping etc...

I do think that a nice little IO expansion add on for the pocket would be

And Jim, I think the world of  your product, it is listed BEFORE the pocket
on the piclist.com page for PIC device programmers. It is what I recommend
to people who want something more than the picstart and have the bucks to
pay for it. Is it ok with you if we try to learn and share some little part
of what you have learned and kept?

Did you find someone to assemble those units so that you could add code for
EPROM's? Did you hand someone your source so that they could add it? If you
opened your source, Tony or someone could be writing that code for you...

James Newton, PICList Admin #3
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