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Thread: Unix Software for the Pocket
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If there is anything I can do to encourage progress on your effort, please
let me know.

For now, I will add a little note on each piclist.com page to let people

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Brandon Fosdick wrote on 01-5-31 18:20:

By now everybody should know what the Pocket is. If not (where have you
been?), its a great little programmer created by Tony Nixon. For more info
on it go to http://www.bubblesoftonline.com/pocket/pocket.html.

For those of us who love the Pocket (or would like to) but just can't deal
with the Windows software that comes with it, I've started writing
Unix/Linux clone. It's still in the early stages so it can only program new
messages and chip info, but more is planned. More info and source code are
available at:


If there's enough interest (and volunteers) I'll start a sourceforge site.
Until then there's really no need for it.


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