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Thread: Reading output into makeshift data logger
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> I have the need to record the pulse width and duty cycle of a square
> wave output of one PIC pin (using the 16C71), but I am really short
> on sophisticated instrumentation, analyzers, etc.  My idea is to hook
> the output pin into the joystick port on a standard PC, which accepts
> up to 5V input.  Reading the port is trival and should be able to be
> done at quite a rapid sampling rate.  My intent is to record the
> elapsed time between pulses and output it to a file for later analysis.

Can't help with the pc interface, but have a suggestion for a different
approach.  I would hook the output pin to another pic, and use that pic
to process the information & then send it to the pc.  Since the second
pic has only this function, you could even consider transferring the info
parallel instead of serial.

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