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Thread: Hitchhikers guide to figgering, was: If 6 was 9...
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> > When did Maths (short for Mathematics) become Math (short for
> > Mathematic ?). Just lazy spelling or is Math in reality a dumbed
> > down version of Maths for the MTV/Cartoon Network Generation with
> > short attention spans.
> Chris:
> "Math" is how we spell it here in the States; the word must have
> mutated when an American realized that "math is the answer" sounded
> nicer than "maths is the answer".
> Personally, I kinda LIKE consistency between my verbs and nouns, so I
> think "maths" sounds gramnmatically incorrect.
> Of course... If you Brits say "maths ARE the answer," I'll agree that
> your spelling is as grammatically acceptable in your town as my
> spelling is in mine.
> -Andy
Hi, Andy, I already had a sneaking idea of where it came from, thanks for
the confirmation. I have to agree with you about inconsistency, mind you I
still think a phrase such as "Data are input through the keyboard" sounds

The strange thing is that the use of the word Math instead of Maths seems to
have suddenly become standard practice over here. For some irrational reason
it causes a little twinge in my brain cell. I have no explanation for this
change, we are not exactly bombarded with the word, unlike the word Colour
where we are exposed to the (in)correct all the time yet there is no hint of
anyone dropping the u. Same with other words we are exposed to all the time.

I have no doubt that someone will come up with a logical explanation.

Sorry about the rambling, it's a sign of Old Age when you start wondering
about trivia like this.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens when English is declared
the official language of the United States of Europe and the Language Police
start imposing standards.  8-)


Chris Carr

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