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Thread: : Digest Problems
face BY : mikedspam@technologist.com

> Marcelo Puhl wrote:
> >
> >Why the digests are empty beside the subjects ?
> >
> >When it will be fixed ?
> >
> Digests are coming through just fine to another hotmail.com account
> that I use. Several other people have reported this problem recently.
> I wonder if all of the people having this problem happen to be using
> the same mail reader program.

I think I found the problem. Blank lines in the digest have a leading space
for some reason(20 0D 0A). When these are around the boundary
separators, e-mail programs that are strict about RFC rules truncate.
With Pegasus I can use properties to set the digest to 'not a valid MIME
message' and then see everything, but as one big message instead og
separate ones.

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