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Well, we all pick on the Indiana legislature for this, but I'm pretty sure
the whole thing was a spoof even when it happened. Here is an excerpt from
the bill:


Section -3- In further proof of the value of the author's proposed
contribution to education and offered as a gift to the State of Indiana, is
the fact of his solutions of the trisection of the angle, duplication of the
cube and quadrature of the circle having been already accepted as
contributions to science by the American Mathematical Monthly, the leading
exponent of mathematical thought in this country. And be it remembered that
these noted problems had been long since given up by scientific bodies as
insolvable mysteries and above man's ability to comprehend.


Given that, IIRC, it has been _proven_ that trisection of an angle is
impossible (and I think the other items listed also); it seems to me that
this whole thing was done tongue-in-cheek.

Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems
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