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Thread: ENOUGH! (was: "Re: [OT]: Brain Burp Rounding??")
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>The problem is that repeating decimals are considered by some to not be
>accurate representations of numbers like 1/3. This statement appears to be
>somewhat supported by the work of Georg Cantor from the late 19th century.
>For 1/3 to be <> 0.333... all that needs to be true is that long division
>does not work in some cases.

:) Work it out, and let me know what you get :)
I would assert that it does not work here, since you can't ever finish the
Feel free to prove me wrong, but show your work. <VBG>

>  Personally I don't believe this but to my mind
>it is certainly possible that at some point in the future this may be proven
>to be the case. After all similar events have happened regularly throughout
>the course of human history. For those interested I recommend James Burkes,
>"The Day the Universe Changed" either the book or television series from the
>mid 1980's.

I'm in agreement here.
Science guides us into theories and systems that are imperfect, but
workable representations of how the universe works. As time progresses, we
refine our theories and systems.

>PS - I was a bit shocked by some of the assertions that mathematics is all
>magic tricks, I had thought that everyone accepted mathematics as the
>official language of science and felt there was no magic to it. I do expect
>people to look skeptically at things but to attribute magic to anything is
>way more than I can accept.

I don't think it's "magic" or anything of the sort. Just a convenient way
to deal with inconvenient numbers.  It works, till something better comes

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