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Thread: ramblings, the "quickening"
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> On Sat, 2 Jun 2001, Dan Michaels wrote:
> > There really doesn't seem to be much to this, Roman.
> > Everybody knows the british are much more "intellectual"
> > oriented that americans, and the brits have 50 hz, while
> > we have 60.

Actually, isn't this a proof or sorts? Maybe the US teenagers
are just that bit "ahead" in the quickening, this would be
characterised by less patience, higher desire to have
everything they want "now", less desire to work hard and
long to get something... Although of course these are the
negatives, and like anything there are positives, like the
quicker adaptability, quicker to go out on a limb to acheive
something, quicker to challenge conventions and risk a lot
on that challenge.

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