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Thread: KTY10-2
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>> If anyone have PDF file about this termo senzor, please email me, or
>> give me link where I can find it...
>> Thanks!
>Could I make a suggestion.
>You would probably get more replies if you did not
>include attachments.
>I may have being able to help you but as a basic security policy I do not
>open attachments unless they have been verified. As the verification
>takes time, and time is money, they do not get opened, so you do not get a

       Chris, the only thing I got here is the VCF (virtual card file) that
some e-mail programs append automatically to the message. And it can do no

I did not even waste my time seeing what the attachment was. The wording "If
anyone have PDF file about this termo senzor" I took to mean the information
was in the attachment as there was an attachment there. Now I have bothered
look I realise that this was an error as he was referring to the part number
in the subject line.

This however will not change my general policy, Postings to the Piclist with
attachments get ignored unless the subject demands an attachment. It takes
too long to put them through the security process.

This is not a criticism of anybody, I am not saying ban attachments,
everyone can do what they want. I was just explaining my own personal policy
with regards to Postings with attachments and this Posting appeared to have
information in an attachment when it could have been in the body of the

At least I know what a VCF attachment is now so I have learnt something

In answer to the original question. This is the datasheet
for the KT and KTY Series



Chris Carr

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