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Thread: resonator on PicStic
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I am looking at a PicStic and thinking that this must be the easiest way
to use Pic chips. Next would be to build a similar circuit and program
it with the PicStic environment. This little board has almost no parts
on it (1 Pic chip, 4 mHz Murata (resonator?), 1 voltage reg, 1
transistor, 2-47k resistors, 1-10 mic cap From lurking here, I believe
that any changes in in the resonator / crystal would require a change in
the programing parameters that the PicStic programer wouldn't deal with
So, on to my question. Does anyone know what the resonator on the
PicStic 1 is? It is a 4 mHz Murata thing with three solder pads. I tried
to look it up on the Murata site but all the resonators I found there
were smaller than the one I have (something like 4.3 mm long vs 6mm for
mine). Many of Murata's resonators had built in caps and indeed, the
"Stic" has no caps in the "crystal" circuit. But there were several 4
mHz resonators some with three leads but none the same size and I think
they had different specs.
Next question is where can I buy Murata resonators. I don't see them in
DigiKey or Mouser or Jameco. Murata's Us website seemed to be broken or
such. so I am asking here.
Thanks in advance.

Looking Forward:
Al Shinn

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