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Thread: Brain Burp Rounding??
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> At 12:18 AM 6/3/01 -0400, Bob Ammerman wrote:
> >Dave,
> >
> >The point is that it does _not_ take patience.
> >
> >.9 repeating is already an _infinite_ series. Not just a "sorta infinite
> >long as you want to go on" series.
> At each point, it evaluates to <1. Repeating it in smaller steps forever
> doesn't change that.

> Show me the point at which it changes, and evaluates to 1.

It doesn't change at any given step, yet, _after_ infinite steps (if one can
comprehend that), in the _limit_ that is its value.

> I know, it's infinitely far away, and it can never be reached, but if you
> wish real hard...
> >Its value is exactly 1.

Show me where infinity is and I'll show you the 'point' you are looking for.

> Can you show any physical thing that requires this to be true?

Obviously not, physical reality is limited by Heisenburg, quantum effects,

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