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   It seems that it all hinges on what infinity means, and since people like
   Feynman and Hawking are having trouble with calculations where infinity
   pops in, I'm not bothered that it causes me trouble.

Infinity is fun.  Not very intuitive, but fun.  The sort of infinity we're
talking about here is pretty well understood, mathematically.  Someone said
recently here that "infinity < (2 * infinity)"  Sorry, that's wrong.
       infinity = 2*infinity
Furthermore, you have bits like the number of integers is the same as the
number of real numbers (infinity, aleph-null (?), "countably infinite"), but
the number of irrational numbers is larger ("uncoutably infinite")

   Can you show me something by which this is a consequence?
   Something physical, that requires this to be true?

Physical things don't require infinity to work...  See previous message
about atomic diameters...

   Or is this just a peculiarity of the current rule set.
Sure.  That's "all."


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