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Thread: Brain Burp Rounding??
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At 10:35 PM 6/2/01 -0400, Bob Ammerman wrote:
>Sorry Dave,
>He's right and you are wrong.
>The value .9 repeating is the same as the infinite series:
>9/10 + 9/100 + 9/1000 + 9/10000 + ...
>Which sums to 1.

It sums to almost one. The degree of "almost" is a function of your patience.
As you expand the sequence, the difference becomes small, but it is never zero.

You claim 1 = 0.9...
Is it then true that 1(inf) = 0.9...(inf)?

There may be a rule which says so (Which I suspect exists to avoid ugly
problems in calculation), but you're not going to convince me that a number
which is "less than 1 by an infinitely small amount" is equal to 1.

Next, you'll want to sell me 5 pounds of potatoes multiplied by the Sqrt of
-1 :)

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