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Thread: Brain Burp Rounding??
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I really do not want to keep this discussion about .9 repeating
being exactly equal to 1 going and going and going, but as
an educator I really want to make sure that at least some of the
PIC list members "get it".

9/9 is a RATIONAL number. It can be **represented** in decimal
notation in (at least) two ways that LOOK different but have the same
exact VALUE. These are 1.000 (with the zero repeating forever),
and .999 with the 9 repeating forever. The mathematical difference
between the two is .000 with the zero repeating forever.

This concept is difficult for some people to grasp at first,
because .9999 (9 repeating) just LOOKS smaller than 1.0 (0 repeating).

Looks can be VERY deceiving.
777/777 may **look** bigger than .001/.001 to some
people, but believe me the VALUE is the same. 1.

Fr. Tom McGahee

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